7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Halloween

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time, especially for your dogs. But it can also pose potential risks to your dog’s safety and comfort, and because these risks aren’t the norm, it’s important that you keep them in mind while enjoying the festivities. 

Since Halloween is upon us, let’s dive into our top seven tips for keeping your dogs safe and happy this haunting season. 

Ensure dog costumes are safe and comfortable

If you’re one of the millions of dog owners who like to dress up your dog on Halloween (who doesn’t?), be sure the costume you choose fits properly and comfortably and doesn’t restrict movement, breathing, or vision (while still being very cute, of course). 

You should avoid costumes with small parts that could be chewed off and swallowed, especially if your dog is a known chewer. Also, some dogs may not enjoy wearing costumes, so pay attention to their body language to ensure they’re comfortable.

Ensure your decorations are displayed safely

Keep Halloween decorations out of your dog’s reach, especially those with wires, small pieces, or lights. Dogs are curious and may chew or ingest decorations, leading to potential hazards. If you use decorations with painted surfaces or glues, ensure these materials are pet-safe.

When using candles and Jack-O’-Lanterns, remember that lit candles in pumpkins can be knocked over by a wagging tail or curious nose, causing burns or even starting a fire. Consider using battery-operated candles or LED lights for safety.

Ensure candy and treats are out of your dog’s reach

Keep Halloween candy and treats out of your dog’s reach. Chocolate, artificial sweeteners (like xylitol), and some other ingredients in candies can be toxic to dogs. Don’t forget to tell your family, kids, and visitors not to feed your dog any Halloween treats.

Ensure safety while trick-or-treaters come to your door

If you’re participating in trick-or-treating, keep your dog in a safe and quiet room away from the front door. The constant ringing of the doorbell, kids in costumes, and general excitement can stress some dogs out. 

If your dog has a history of anxiety over such events, talk to your Alpharetta veterinarian about a supplement or prescription to help them get through the holiday, or consider leaving your dog with someone she trusts who isn’t participating in the holiday. 

Ensure safety while trick-or-treating

If you’re taking your dog trick-or-treating, keep him on a leash at all times and apply a form of light or reflective gear so those walking and driving around you are aware of him. If your dog is uncomfortable or unpredictable around loud noise, children, or crowds, you should reconsider taking him with you. 

Ensure a lost dog can be easily identified

Be sure your dog wears a properly fitting collar with an up-to-date ID tag. Proper identification increases the chances of a safe return if your dog gets spooked and manages to escape.

Microchipping your pets is always a responsible step. If your dog isn’t already microchipped, consider getting one. It’s a permanent form of identification that can help reunite you with your dog if they ever get lost.

Ensure your dog has a calm environment 

Create a quiet and comfortable space for your dog to retreat to if they’re feeling stressed. Provide them with their favorite toys, a cozy bed, and some background noise to help drown out the sounds of Halloween activities.

Visit Our Fulton County Animal Hospital & Learn How to Best Support Your Dog 

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday that all should enjoy. Understand your dog’s stressors so you can help navigate her through it safely and comfortably. Our Alpharetta vet clinic is prepared to help guide you and support you by answering any questions or addressing any concerns you may have. 

We recommend that you stick to your dog’s routine as much as possible during this time, especially on Halloween. Regular exercise, feeding times, and walks can help reduce their stress during the holiday excitement.

Remember that every dog is unique, and their reactions to Halloween activities may vary. Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior and body language, and take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the Halloween season.

We all want your dog to stay safe this season and always. Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.

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