Edgewater Animal Hospital Primary Care Plans

Our Primary Care Plans Include:

Primary care visits, including bloodwork and vaccines.

Sick visit annual allowance spend with no deductible.

Annual preventative medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this pet insurance?

Unlike traditional pet insurance, this primary care plan is designed to help pet parents afford primary wellness care, as well as providing a pet Flexible Spend Allowance. Normally, the majority of your annual expected pet health expenses are not covered by pet insurance. A primary care plan also has no breed, age or preexisting condition restrictions! This is a subscription-based plan designed by Edgewater Animal Hospital allowing you to budget for your pet’s expenses via a monthly primary care subscription plan.

What is PetCentric Health?

PetCentric Health partners with vets to provide a solution that allows pet parents to pay for their pet’s care through a monthly subscription offering. Each plan is designed and customized by vets for their unique pet parents and includes what your vet recommends for best practice healthcare! This ensures pets receive a holistic primary care foundation to increase the likelihood of better health outcomes over time. It also allows for you to have better financial control and predictability regarding your pet’s healthcare spend.

What if I don’t use the preventative pharma included in Edgewater’s plan?

You can use any product your vet recommends for your pet for flea, tick and heartworm prevention. You can still get reimbursed, 6 months at a time, without having to use your FSA funds. Simply pay in clinic at Edgewater Animal Hospital, or buy via Edgewater’s online pharmacy, and then submit your receipt for reimbursement!

What does a plan cover?

Edgewater Animal Hospital offers a Feline (Kitten, Adult, Senior) and Canine (Puppy, Adult, Senior) plan, encompassing all of your cat or dog’s preventative care annual needs, as well as Pet Flexible Spend Allowance for additional needs like dental cleaning, sick visits and more. If you don’t need your Flexible Spend Allowance during your plan year, 75% of the unused balance rolls over to the next plan year.

Does my pet FSA cover genetic testing?

Yes, your purchase of BasePaws genetic testing for your cat(s) and EMBARK genetic testing for your dog(s) is eligible for reimbursement through your pet FSA. You can access any promotional offerings for EMBARK genetic testing via the Market Hub when you login to your pet profile in your PetCentric web application.